Looking for a copy editor?

Looking for a copy editor? Brand Meets Copy is now offering copy editing for self-publishing authors, publishers, and for items such as ebooks, white papers, and other informational products. I can see you jumping for joy over there! While this is technically a new offering through Brand Meets Copy, I am not a new editor. I have an MA in … Read More

Turning work away (and why it’s the right thing to do)

Sometimes I turn work away – That might sound crazy to my fellow business owners, but sometimes I have to say no to work (even when the money would be nice). Why? Because I’ve seen a trend in the online biz world lately that is really frustrating. People are being coached to spend their last dollars on a copywriter so … Read More

I’m writing a book (but it’s not what you think)

I’m writing a book right now. And no, it’s not a brand storytelling book or anything about copywriting. Hopefully that will come down the line. This is something completely unrelated to my business. So, what am I writing? For those of you who don’t know, I’m in the final 4 weeks of my thesis project for my MA in English … Read More

Marketing personas and personalization – Finding the balance

As a writer of of the marketing persuasion, I’ve been asked my opinion more than once of where the market is going in terms of traditional persona based marketing or the newer form of personalization that utilizes data available to marketers to target very specific people, (sometimes to an almost frightening form of accuracy). As someone who values my privacy … Read More

Does your story matter?

I received a question this week from a business owner who wasn’t sure whether her audience actually cared about the story behind her brand – especially since her market is in the B2B space. Her question was whether story had any place in marketing a B2B company, or whether it was strictly B2C territory. Here’s my theory: As human beings … Read More

Copywriting and Character Analysis

Recently I spent time working on a new monologue (another story entirely that I might share soon). As I worked on memorizing the lines and then bringing the piece to life I realized that there were a lot of lessons I could apply to my copywriting business. Now, I will freely admit that I’m a sucker for the moral of … Read More

Learning to Code

As someone working in the tech world in the fabulous non-tech position of copywriter and content strategist, I sometimes feel a little left out when I’m chatting with my startup clients. Sure, I know how to use a little HTML and I’ve even hacked my way through some CSS. I also know conversion best practices and can talk design. But, … Read More

3 Ways A Black Eye Helped My Business

It all began rather mundanely. My husband and I were out with another couple for a night of food and fun. As the evening was coming to a close someone suggested we play “just one more game” of 4-person air hockey. Not entirely enthusiastic about the prospect of another game (I had always found it potentially dangerous), but also not … Read More

Coming up with Content Sucks

Coming up with content ideas out of thin air sucks. Am I right? And yes, I do know that I’m stating this as a writer so it might seem a little, well, strange. Like a vet hating pets or something…But stay with me! Here’s the thing: coming up with an idea to write about out of thin air sucks so … Read More

Lyrical Learning #3 I Can’t Make You Love Me

Do you think it’s possible to make everyone fall in love with you? Well, unless you’re crazy, you probably said: NO! So, why is it then that we think it’s necessary to make every prospect fall in love with our brands? As a copywriter, I hear it all the time when I ask my clients about the people they are … Read More