It’s not you…
It’s your website.

Your Brand. My Words. Perfect Match.SM


Want better words to connect with your clients?

Your website is your digital face. Is yours making a good impression?

Knock Knock…
Who’s there?

2003 and it wants its website back!

How rude!

But seriously, is your website terribly outdated?

Do you have Welcome!!! or some other non-persuasive message slapped at the top of your site, with little else to follow?

Are you tired of excitedly opening up Google Analytics to see #allthetraffic but your smile turns to a frown when you check out that bounce rate and realize people are leaving your website faster than fleas off roadkill?

Maybe deep down you know your thing is destined to be the next BIG thing…But, your website sounds SOOOOO BORING.
Instead of making sales, you’re putting people to sleep.

I can help!

Look, “We met on the web” is not just a tagline for creepy online dudes. It can be the perfect way to connect with your customers!

There are two website packages below, and of course I can always whip up a custom quote if neither of these blow your mind.

Did you come here looking for a sales page? Those can be found in Launches.

Brand Story Makeover

You’ve probably heard that the About Page is one of the most read pages on any given website, but why does it feel like yours is getting the slip? There is a little known secret in the world of writing About Pages, one that will change your page from being a pit stop on your prospect’s journey to the main attraction that can get their attention, and their orders. Cha-ching!

Armed with my arsenal of creative copywriting tricks of the trade, plus my expertise in storytelling I will turn your Brand Story into a lead generator with your custom brand story.

The Brand Story Makeover includes:

  • A discovery process that includes a dynamite Brand Personality Profile that will bring you clarity for not only your copy, but also your brand.
  • A brand interview where we will meet on Zoom (or at my Liberty Station office if you are in San Diego) and discuss who your target market is and how to reach them.
  • A Brand Story that will speak directly to those it is meant for: your customers.
  • 2 rounds of revisions to make sure your page is exactly right!

Brand Story Makeover is getting a makeover – check back in 2018 for details

The Website Start Over Kit

The Website Start Over Kit is for those websites that need a major makeover Hint: If you haven’t changed the copy on your website for 10 years, or your homepage starts with “Welcome!” then this package might be for you.

The Website Start Over Kit Includes:

  • 3 pages of copy (choose from homepage (including opt-in bar copy), about, services, work with me, investment, or product page, – pretty much anything your heart desires except for a long form sales page. If you need a sales page as part of your package let’s chat!)
  • The delightful discovery process as mentioned in the Brand Story Makeover
  • 2 rounds of revisions to make sure your page is exactly what you want
  • Special rate on additional pages purchased at the same time – I’ve got you covered!

The Website Start Over Kit is not for new websites – if you don’t have a site yet, see below for info about copy coaching.

Investment: Web copy project pricing will vary depending on length of copy and research involved. My web copy packages start at $2100.

Are you a new business in need of web copy? If so, copy coaching may be the right fit for you. Fill out the contact form below and I can let you know about options to get your first website out to the world.

Think we make a good match?

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“You got me, my brand, and my message that I wanted just in the right tone! We will work again for sure!”
– Stephanie Dodier, Clinical Nutritionist