Stop losing clients at hello…

Use the right words and they will fall in love with your brand!

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Words Connect, Inspire and Sell

It’s true!

But, what do you do when the words just aren’t flowing? Or, maybe you have words on your site (plenty of words) but they read like a slimy infomercial and you’re embarrassed when anyone asks for your website address.

Perhaps you’ve created the perfect app, SaaS or PaaS but you’re twiddling your thumbs waiting for subscribers that should be pounding down your virtual door, yet time is ticking and no one’s clicking.

You slapped a website up, complete with a brand story and pricing and are waiting…and waiting…for those clients to pour in.

Brand Meets Copy specializes in arming your brand with the right words

so that your perfect match clients will find you and want you. Simply put: I help you look as cool as you actually are (and as quirky too)

If you’re losing out on potential customers…

because your copy isn’t hooking peeps from the first headline, we should talk! I can bring your brand some clarity and you some sanity. Forget sounding like you hired some random writer, or utilized a copy robot (how awesome would that be though?). Instead, the words will sound like they came directly from the coolest version of you.

I like to say I’m a copy consultant for nerds, geeks, and the people that love them.

Hi, I'm Melissa,
Creative Copywriter
for nerds, geeks, and the people that love them

My words can be a matchmaker

between your brand and your soon to be clients.

See how we can work together

“Melissa performed miracles on our website relaunch effort! She changed our brand from corporate-stogy to cool and contemporary so we could attract the type of clients we prefer.”
-Mike Schwind, SchwindTEC, Inc.