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What if you could sell your products or services without haggling over pricing or feeling like you were just one of a million on the conveyor belt of options? Instead of being a commodity you could be a must have luxury (like your latest Kate Spade or that swanky iPad Pro).

What if you could use your own story to help others, make money, and create a no brainer marketing plan that would put your client generation on autopilot while also competition proofing your business in a feel good, zero ick factor way? (Yes, even nice people want to make lots of money.)

What if your inbox was filled with emails from people raving about much you’re in their head and they want to work with you and only you? When you speak their language (Elvish or Klingon included) the days of wishing and hoping clients will find you will be a thing of the past. Instead, you’ll have a line around the virtual block of clients who only have eyes (and wallets) for you.

Sound too good to be true? Unlike that late night infomercial you whipped your Amex out over last night, this is the real deal for business owners with a message that matches their values and speaks to their target market’s hearts.

Hi, I'm Melissa,
a Conversion Copywriter for creatives and businesses that want to sell with stories and a dash of humor.

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“Melissa performed miracles on our website relaunch effort! She changed our brand from corporate-stogy to cool and contemporary so we could attract the type of clients we prefer.”
-Mike Schwind, SchwindTEC, Inc.